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This unique ever evolving website first made its debut on October 1, 1999. Since then, 
This Day in Disney History has become a favorite stop for many web surfers. (As far as we know, it is the web's
first informative day-by-day resource for Disney history.) The site attempts to cover every aspect of Disney history 
from theme park milestones, movie & video releases, Broadway stage shows, and television programs to Walt's life
& the lives of those who have taken part in his organization (such as animators, writers, actors, publishers, theme 
park developers, Cast Members and all Disney Legends). 
In short - only Disney info pertaining to the positive side of the human equation appears on this site.
"Thanks for clicking by and for all the kind emails! Visit again ... and step back in Disney time where there's always a great, big, beautiful tomorrow." - Tony (webmaster)
Thanks to all the Disney-fan web sites that use us as a reference for their own "This Day" features. Research us anytime (but a credit would be nice)! Although we are the "most overlooked" Disney fan site on the web, we must be doing something right - the Disney Insider began a "This Week in Disney History" feature in Autumn 2006 ... and in March 2009 D23 began a "This Day in Disney" feature as well (ten years after the debut of This Day)!
We hope you learn something new with each visit. Please feel free to email the webmaster Tony concerning any of the information on this website. He doesn't claim to know everything about Disney ... so he welcomes your help, corrections and suggestions!
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